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Inflatable Minigun Arm

Invented at ThinkGeek

This product is no longer available

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My arm, my boomstick

  • 26" long with 9" barrel circumference
  • Handle located inside for ease of use
  • Several blow up sections for added detail

Committing to body modification of the minigun variety is a tough decision, but one that had to be made. No longer will you be the laughingstock of the carnival games. For too long you've sat, cotton candy in hand, as throngs of snot-faced children picked away at the selection of prizes. Like vultures, they've swung down from the heavens to claim what you've worked so hard to obtain. No longer... your time is here. That giant bear will be yours!

It took months to design, but only a few days to create. Unfortunately, infusing a gun to your skin meant tacking steel to bone. Since you're more squeamish than pure evil, settling for an inflatable prototype will suffice for now. It's still in the design phase and it'd be foolish and irresponsible to really commit. Having been inflated, fitted, and adjusted, your Inflatable Minigun Arm is complete. Tremble carnival games, tremble at the prospect of being defeated. Your stuffed trophies will be like eye-level apples in an unguarded orchard.

Product Specifications

  • Turn your mere mortal arm into an instrument of death
  • Handle located inside for comfort and stability
  • Several blow up sections for individualized detail
  • The perfect prototype for your real metal gun arm (one day... ONE DAY!)
  • Dimensions: 26" long with a 9" barrel circumference

Inflatable Minigun Arm Video:

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