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It’s okay to cry a little.

  • An exact replica of the original
  • Connect to any computer with a USB port
  • 6 feet of cable

It’s been almost 20 years since the release of Nintendo’s revolutionary console, the N64. With 64-Bit 3D mapping and games, it’s miraculous just how influential and relevant this magnificent console is today. But, as technology changes exponentially and old hardware gets thrown in the back of the closet or, even worse, in the trash, it gets progressively harder to go back and relive good times.

With many of the best titles in video game history belonging to the N64, more and more gamers are finding their way back to emulators and other computer programs that let us play it all again. But, when your hand just doesn’t feel uncomfortable enough, not inefficiently spaced off axis in some distorted, “how did they come up with this” way, then you need the N64 USB Controller. Now you can really go back and finish all of The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time, buzz through Super Mario 64, frustrate your friends by using Oddjob in one of the first real first-person shooters GoldenEye007, or even tear up as you battle friends in Super Smash Bros. It’s all about going back to your roots, going back to a time when games were simpler and, as a result, that much more beautiful.

Product Specifications

  • A replica of the wonky and fun N64 controller for use with emulators
  • USB enabled: Use on any PC/Mac with USB port
  • 10 function buttons
  • Precise 3D - Analog Stick
  • Approximately 6 feet of cable

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