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VariGrip Hand Exerciser

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

For faster fingers

  • Conditions fingers, hand, wrist, forearm
  • Adjustable tension on each spring
  • Great for gamers and musicians

Adjustable Tension

Ever cursed your hands for not being able to do something? VariGrip is the personal trainer that will turn those wimpy digits into nimble powerhouses.

For Gamers: Your very (digital) life depends on the speed of your fingers hitting the keyboard or controller buttons. You can gain speed with gaming keyboards or high end controllers, but those are pricey. VariGrip is way cheaper and will still get you the edge you need to crush your enemies and see them driven before you.

For Musicians: We know you're faking those runs. You may think you've mastered the fine art of faking, but we hear those missing notes (or rather, we don't hear them). If you're away from your instrument more often than you'd like, use VariGrip to keep your hands in tip-top shape. The molded grip even reverses to uncover simulated strings so guitar players can develop and maintain finger calluses.

The VariGrip Hand Exerciser features a comfortable ergonomic design and variable tension in each spring so you can work each finger at its own individual level. Condition your fingers, hand, wrist, and forearm anywhere you go and then dominate the digital landscape or rock the concert hall.

Product Specifications

  • Condition your fingers, hand, wrist, and forearm
  • Great for musicians, gamers, even motorcyclists
  • Variable tension in each spring (2-4 lbs per finger)
  • A cheaper alternative to a gaming keyboard, gaming mouse, or high end controller
  • Musicians can condition their fingers without their instrument

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