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Gory Body Parts Lollipop Set

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

It's now ok to lick your parts.

  • Four delicious body parts = four yummy lollipops!
  • You get one of each: brain, heart, finger, and eyeball.
  • Much healthier than eating your own organs.

Gory Body Parts Lollipop Set Copy

Zombies eat body parts, and that's ok . . . for them. But though we like zombies, we don't really want to go around munching on other people (you never know where they've been). So, lucky for us, we've found the next best thing: this Gory Body Parts Lollipop Set.

Gory Body Parts Lollipop Set are a delicious way to gross out people while using your tongue. They also make great gifts for all sorts of parties (with the possible exception of funerals, depending on the guests involved). You get one of each bit: a brain (watermelon flavor), a heart (cherry), a zombie-like finger (apple), and an eyeball (fruit punch). Gory Body Parts Lollipop Set - better than licking real body parts, 'cause these are loaded with sugar!

For nutrition information, click here.

Gory Body Parts Lollipop Set

  • Suck on a finger, eyeball, brain, or heart - because that's what lollipops are for!
  • Set includes one of each part.
  • Perfect for treats at any party: from Halloween balls to retirement parties.
  • Flavors: watermelon brain, cherry heart, apple finger, and fruit punch eyeball.
  • Dimensions::
    • Brain: approx. 2" x 1.5"
    • Heart: approx. 3" x 2"
    • Finger: approx. 3" x 0.75"
    • Eyeball: approx. 2" diameter

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