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Digital Protractor

This product is no longer available

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Never guess an angle again!

  • Measure angles with more accuracy than that clear half circle you normally use.
  • Stainless steel rulers are super durable and lock at any angle.
  • Great for schoolwork and even better to have with your woodworking tools.

Digital Protractor

Digital Protractor

Remember those plastic half circles you used in school to measure angles with? Those protractors where you sort of had to guess based on all the little lines? They were ok at the time, but we like being more exact. We like knowing within a decimal place of a degree how big an angle is. That's why we love this Digital Protractor. But that's not the only reason. Read on, friends, and learn why!

Sure the Digital Protractor takes all the guesswork out of measure an angle. Sure you can use it for math problems at school. But take this baby to your DIY haven, and you'll really fall in love. The rulers are both stainless steel and super durable. And get this: not only does it measure angles, but you can actually lock it down at any angle you need. That way, you can draw lines (for your plans, on the wood you are going to cut, etc.) at exactly the angle you want. And how durable are the rulers of the Digital Protractor? Let's just say, be careful: you could easily use it as a zombie fighting tool to cave in heads. Yup, they're THAT durable. Add a Digital Protractor to your DIY tools today - you'll be glad you did.

Digital Protractor

  • Use to measure angles and/or draw lines at specific angles.
  • Measures angles to one decimal place - with digital accuracy (±0.3°).
  • Stainless steel rulers measure in cm and in.
  • Hanging hole on each ruler to hang or anchor for measurements.
  • Locking knob locks Digital Protractor at the angle of your choice.
  • Battery: 1 x CR2032 (included) = over 3,000 hours of continuous use!
  • Dimensions:
    • One Ruler Side: approx. 1.38" x 7.87" x 0.1"
    • Whole Protractor Extended: approx. 1.38" x 15.75" x 0.79"

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