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Muscle Wire Moving Hand Kit

This product is no longer available

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Wave to the humans, robot!

  • Each finger of the robot hand has a MuscleWire
  • As the wire heats up, the finger will bend!
  • No experience necessary to have tons of fun

Muscle Wire is fun science in action! Made of nickel-titanium alloy, this wire contracts with heat and stays expanded when cool, which is exactly the opposite of what you'd expect of a metal. What do they use MuscleWire for in the real world? Space missions (Clementine, Pathfinder, and more), arterial stents, actuators for miniature robots, cell phone antennae, orthodontic braces... even the eyeglasses sitting on your nose right now use MuscleWire!

This kit uses Muscle Wire to create a realistically moving robot hand. It's the perfect activity to learn about electronics, mechanics, and Muscle Wire. No experience is necessary: the kit will walk you through the process. Each finger of the robot hand contains a Muscle Wire connected to an LED. The LED lights up when power runs through the finger. As the wire heats, the finger bends!

To our customers with nickel allergies: Muscle Wire is a nickel-titanium alloy. In other words, you are allergic to it. (To other folks, if you're not allergic to jewelry, you'll be just fine playing with MuscleWire.)

Product Specifications

  • Super Science fun with a wacky metal alloy
  • Build your own moving robotic hand
  • Muscle Wire stays expanded when cold, contracts when warm
  • Contains all the parts to build your moving robot hand
  • You will need: Soldering equipment, basic hand tools

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