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Light Dims LED Light Blocker

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Relax your eyes

  • Dim or darken pesky LED indicator lights
  • 100 per package in all the sizes you need
  • Great for travel: dim that bright hotel alarm clock!

Stop With The Electrical Tape

We love our gadgets and gizmos. But it seems that every gadget we own has a bunch of LED indicators or display lights. Blink, blink, blink. Flash. Blink. It's enough to drive one crazy... or in the case of most of us, more crazy than usual. Possibly bad crazy. The kind of crazy that flings our breakfast sandwich at the guy with the bad PowerPoint in our morning meeting.

Light Dims are pretty straightforward. Take sticker, stick over the LED, it is dimmed (or blacked out, depending on your choice of sticker). Here are all the reasons you'll want to use them:

TOO MANY LEDS: If your living room is beginning to resemble the control panel of a spacecraft, you might need Light Dims.

PC LOAD LETTER?: If your "favorite" gadget has a blinking light that never stops blinking no matter what you do, you might need Light Dims.

NIGHT SHIFT: If your blackout curtains keep out the sun, but your electronics keep your room aglow like Christmas, you might need Light Dims.

LASIK: If you're constantly cursing, "The halos! The halos!" You might need Light Dims.

TRAVEL: Why in the name of Thor do hotel alarm clocks have such bright numbers? If you've ever unplugged the hotel alarm clock, and then overslept, you might need Light Dims. (Yes, they're removable with no sticky residue!)

KIDS: As the famous book says, Go the *bleep* to Sleep! If your kids use the bright LEDs on their electronics as an excuse to crawl into your bed at night, you might need Light Dims.

ZOMBIES: If you want to remain unseen in the woods at night (and charge your iPhone with a solar charger by day, 'natch!), you might need Light Dims.

Light Dims are super simple to use, totally removable, and don't interfere with the aesthetics of your favorite electronics. The regular Light Dims simply dim the light produced by the LED and the Blackout ones completely shield the light so it can blink all it wants without bothering you. Need a little dimmer, but not totally black? Regular Light Dims stack for additional dimming. Send us your Action Shots so we can see what you're doing with Light Dims!

Product Specifications

  • Block some or all of the bright lights from LEDs
  • Prevent headaches, sleep better, and be less annoyed by blinking lights
  • Removable: Bring some when you travel to dim the hotel alarm clock!
  • Two strengths: Regular (dimmed) and Blackout (100% blocked)
  • Each package includes 100 LightDims:
    • Circles:
      • 54 - 6 mm circle (standard LED size)
      • 14 - 8 mm circle
      • 7 - 10 mm circle
      • 5 - 14 mm circle
      • 3 - 19 mm circle
    • Squares:
      • 9 - 6 mm square
      • 5 - 8 mm square
      • 1 - 11 mm square
      • 1 - 12 mm square
    • Rectangles:
      • 2 - 10 mm x 57 mm rectangle
      • 2 - 25 mm x 57 mm rectangle
      • 1 - 8 mm x 22 mm rectangle
  • Cut To Size includes:
    • 1 full 9.5" x 3.5 inch sheet of regular strength blocking material
    • Great for larger or odd shaped screens and panels

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