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8-Bit Tablet Sleeve

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Low res for your retina display.

  • Protects your high tech iPad with a low tech look!
  • Super soft inside and fake leather outside.
  • Durable, retro, and one hundred percent awesome.

8-Bit Tablet Sleeve

One of the coolest things we like to do with our iPad is using it to play old 8-Bit games. Why? We don't know, we just do. Heck, we love almost everything if it comes with extra heapings of 8-Bit style. And now we can carry our super high tech iPad in a very retro and low tech looking 8-Bit Tablet Sleeve.

The 8-Bit Tablet Sleeve is made of premium, authentic synthetic leather. Inside, though, it's super soft - you know, for protection. It seals up with a little hook-and-loop closure. But the best thing about the 8-Bit Tablet Sleeve is its 8-Bit-ness. It looks like you're carrying around an old school envelope icon. You'll be the envy of all you meet, and the talk of the town. Well maybe not the WHOLE town; just the cool part of town. The 8-Bit Tablet Sleeve - low tech protecting high tech.

8-Bit Tablet Sleeve

  • Looks like an 8-Bit envelop icon, but it holds your super high tech iPad!
  • Made from premium synthetic leather with a matte finish and super soft interior.
  • Sized for an iPad, but theoretically could hold smaller tablets as well.
  • Secures closed with a hook-and-loop strip.
  • Dimensions: slightly bigger than your iPad.

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