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Smartphone Controlled Desk Pet Carbot

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

For secret inner office play

  • Works with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android
  • Has four game play modes
  • Is teeny tiny and charges through USB

Like to build giant paperclips sculptures on your desk? Do you draw intricate designs on your white-board? Build elaborate castles out of Post-It cubes? Maybe you actually do work. (What?) In the meantime, we have the perfect little distraction just for you. Now with just your smartphone and a pocket-sized race car you can have hours of fun racing in, up and around your desk. CarBots are controlled using the touch screen of your favorite smart device, so when your boss looks in, it will just look like you are writing an email on your phone! Perfect!

CarBots include four different game play modes. Drift ‘n’ race mode lets you move the car back and forth and spin out in donuts (better to make them than to eat them). Battle mode means you can take on other bots using infrared rockets to try to disable them in an all out war (helps get out workplace aggression)! Maze mode lets the CarBot use infrared sensors to navigate mazes and avoid obstacles (wish we had one of these built into our bodies). Personality mode lets your CarBot go wild using its moves, lights and sound to show its bot-personality (your personality, remember that thing?).

Product Specifications

  • For Ages 8 years and up
  • Controlled through a smartphone app and adapter (included)
  • Different colored CarBots can be used together
  • Works with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android Devices
  • Features four play modes
  • Charges through USB port
  • Assorted Colors are blue, green, red and yellow. These are preselected for you by our warehouse monkeys

Smartphone Controlled Desk Pet Carbot Video:

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