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Skyrim Electronic Dragon Shout Hoodie

Dress like a true son of Skyrim shout like the Dovahkiin

  • Warm and stylish Skyrim hoodie
  • Features all 20 Dragon Shouts
  • Fit in at High Hrothgar


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Dress like a true son of Skyrim shout like the Dovahkiin

True sons of Skyrim know that Windhelm isn't the only place in Tamriel where it snows. Skyrim is cold and unforgiving, and that's why we created the Skyrim Electronic Dragon Shout Hoodie. Whether you're rocking the Ratway in Riften or scaling the Throat of the World, this hoodie will keep you warmer than a thick layer of troll fat.

And since we've maxed out our smithing skills, we've gone the extra step of enchanting this hoodie with our patented electronic apparel technology. That's right, in addition to looking like the Dragonborn you can shout like a Dovahkiin too! The attached speaker connects via a fabric channel to a powerful mini-amp. All 20 Dragon Shouts available to the Dragonborn are there at the touch of a button and without the need for any dragon souls. The hoodie is 100% cotton and features a face mask hood, complete with horns. What are you waiting for, Dragonborn? Let us test the power of your Thu'um!

Product Specifications

  • 100% cotton hoodie to protect you against the harsh Skyrim environment
  • Iron helmet face mask hood, includes horns
  • Electronic dragon shouts from powerful built-in speaker
  • Features all 20 shouts available to the Dragonborn
  • Dragon souls not required to unlock shouts
  • Batteries: 4 AAAA (not included)
  • Washing Instructions:
    • Unplug battery pack with remote from cable and remove.
    • Peel Velcro-backed speaker from shirt, pull out cable, and remove.
    • Hand Wash or machine wash cold on gentle cycle
    • Hang dry or tumble dry low

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