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Math Pendants

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

For those who <3 math.

  • Mathematical symbols you can wear.
  • Each comes on an 18" chain.
  • Function equally whether you call it "math" or "maths."

Despite what our Algebra 2 teacher tried to turn it into, mathematics can be beautiful. The first time you graph a parabola in geometry. The recognition of the Fibonacci sequence in a fern. The moment you get to the Q.E.D. bit in a particularly vexing proof. There's beauty in symmetry and simplicity, and there's beauty in Chaos Theory. This collection of pendants celebrates the beauty of math in all its forms. Choose from:

  • Golden Ratio - A 2D representation of the Golden Spiral, in, cleverly enough, gold. Dur. .625" x 1".
  • Infinity - A 2D representation of John Wallis's Infinity Symbol in silver. .375" high x .75" wide.
  • Mandelbrot - A 2D representation of the Mandelbrot set fractal in silver. .75" square.
  • Möbius - A 3D representation of the Möbius strip in silver. .625" wide x 1" high x .25" deep.
  • Pi - A 2D representation of the mathematical constant Pi inscribed in a circle in silver. .625" diameter.

Each pendant is made from base metal coated with pure silver or gold. The chains, plated the same way, are 18" long.

For our customers with nickel allergies: the pendants are made from base metal but they and the chains are plated with pure silver (not Sterling) or gold.

*This product is made in the US.

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