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Drinklip Portable Cupholder

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Extend your space

  • Attach a cupholder to any desk, table, or shelf
  • Use it to store your drink or small objects
  • Fits cups up to 3.25" in diameter

It seems that no matter how big your desk is, there's never enough room for all of the stuff you "need" on it. (Ladies, this is much like how once we get a big purse, we can never go back to a small one.) There's your monitor, your second monitor, your mini-monitor, your desk lamps, your plush creatures, action figures, a pile of random plates and bowls and silverware, not to mention the things you actually use to do your job.

...and what would happen if you knocked over your water glass and it spilled all across your desk?

Extend your desk and avoid spills by putting your beverage in the Drinklip Portable Cupholder. It clips securely to any desk, table, or shelf and will hold your travel mug, glass, or water bottle within arm's reach. There's even a little slit at the bottom for condensation to drip through, hitting the floor rather than moistening your desktop. The Drinklip also doubles as a tiny item holder, perfect for storing nails and screws while going DIY, beads and safety pins while crafting, or even your dice while you're playing a game.

Product Specifications

  • Attach a cupholder to any desk, table, or shelf
  • Use it to store your drink or small objects
  • Other ideas for using your Drinklip:
    • Home repair: Nails, screws, or drill bits
    • Crafting: Beads, needles, pincushion, safety pins, stitch holders
    • Organization: Keys, loose change, hair ties
    • Gaming: Dice! (But also keeping your drink off your GM's table.)
    • Play: Clip to LEGO fortress to use as a guard tower
  • Fits cups up to 3.25" in diameter (similar to a car cupholder size)
  • Choice of colors: Black, White, Red, Blue.

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