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This product is no longer available

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For all your gadgets

  • 4-port USB strip to connect all your gadgets
  • Small enough to slip into your laptop bag
  • Be the hero of your hotel room at conventions

There's a beautiful simplicity to the power strip. It plugs your myriad devices, laptops, lamps, TV, fishtank water-pump, into the wall, powering them all from a single wall outlet. There's a certain thrill to the idea that you're magically creating four outlets worth of electricity from what would have otherwise been only one outlet! Of course, that's not really the case, but you allow yourself these little mental trips through the fantastic.

USB hubs have gotten dull and staid. Sure, you're turning one USB port magically into four, so why can't you capture the same little thrill you get from using a power-strip? When we found the USB Power Strip, we immediately made that connection. It looks just like one of those wall-outlet power strips, but multiplies the usefulness of your one USB outlet by four!

Now you can connect your camera card-reader, printer, thumb drive, and phone simultaneously and make believe you're somehow creating data from nothing. Okay, perhaps that's a stretch, but you get the picture!

Product Specifications

  • Power strip connects only USB devices, and to your computer
  • Four ports so it can connect all your gadgets, or you and three friends
  • Small enough to easily slip into your laptop bag
  • Great for travel: be the hero of your hotel room
  • Dimensions: 1.1" x 4.4" x 0.75"
  • 3 foot long USB cable
  • Colors may vary, but only between black and white. Please allow our robot warehouse monkeys to choose a color for you.

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