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2013 Song of Ice and Fire Calendar

This product is no longer available

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All your friends from Westeros are here

  • George R.R. Martin's creations brought to life
  • 2013 calendar features the major events of the series
  • Illustrations by Marc Simonetti

Our Bacon Salt merchant is all about the game of thrones, even though he understands it's a win or die situation. (We figure with all the stuff in his cube, he probably has enough stuff to win, even if it's by waiting out our siege, surviving on BaconPop and Jameson.) At any rate, he's the biggest George R.R. Martin fanboy we know, and he's been drooling all over this calendar ever since he first laid eyes on it, which frankly, is making it difficult for Copywriter monkey to do her job. The calendar is... a little moist. (We promise we'll send you a dry one.)

The 2011 ASOIAF calendar featured the castles of Westeros, the 2012 calendar focused on the people, and the 2013 calendar immortalizes key events from all five books. Rendered in brilliantly imaginative detail by acclaimed artist Marc Simonetti, these images bring the story of Westeros to life, and will remind fans of why George R.R. Martin's novels stand as a masterpiece of modern fantasy.

Product Specifications

  • 2013 calendar based on A Song of Ice & Fire novels
  • Features the characters you know and love (or love to hate)
  • The people of George R.R. Martin's world brought to life
  • Illustrations by acclaimed artist Marc Simonetti
  • Monthly artwork title (and which book it was inspired by):
    • January - "Among the Crows" (AGOT)
    • February - "The Kingsmoot" (AFFC)
    • March - "In the House of Dust" (ACOK)
    • April - "The Three-Eyed Crow" (ADWD)
    • May - "In the Sorrows" (ADWD)
    • June - "Atonement" (ADWD)
    • July - "The Bear Pit" (ASOS)
    • August - "Mother and Son" (ADWD)
    • September - "Lady Stoneheart" (AFFC)
    • October - "A New Face" (ADWD)
    • November - "The Ghost of Harrenhal" (ACOK)
    • December - "Broken Vows" (ASOS)

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