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Seed Bombs Throw and Grow Plants

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Plant attack!

  • Just throw a seed bomb in some dirt and within 6 weeks, you'll have plants!
  • An easy way to help beautify the planet.
  • 6 bombs per package

Seed Bombs

Real bombs are sad. Real bombs hurt. Real bombs are for making things break. Seed Bombs are happy. Seed Bombs heal. Seed Bombs are for making thing more beautiful. Seed Bombs are a simple way to add smiles to the face of the planet. We added a few more words to be more descriptive; we call them Seed Bombs Throw and Grow Plants, and you can learn more about them by reading the next chunk of words.

Welcome to the next chunk of words. Each package of Seed Bombs Throw and Grow Plants comes with 6 bombs. Throw a bomb on some dirt and then wait. So long as it gets some sunlight and water, you'll have a patch of flowers or herbs in no time (fully bloomed or ready to be harvested in 6 weeks). The bomb part is made of clay and peat moss, so it protects the seeds while keeping them moist. Seed Bombs Throw and Grow Plants are a great way to spruce up almost any patch of ground. Even better, Seed Bombs Throw and Grow Plants make the perfect gift - why give someone flowers, when you can give them the means to make their own!

Seed Bombs

Product Specifications

  • Just chuck a Seed Bomb at the earth, and (if given sunlight and water), it will grow plants (bloomed or harvestable) in about 6 weeks!
  • Six bombs per package
  • Seeds are protected by clay and peat moss, which also helps absorb moisture
  • Each bomb covers about one square foot of earth in plants
  • Choose from:
    • Wild Bird Mixture - grow a random mix of: Golden Millet, Safflower, and Black Oil Sunflower
    • Shade Flowers Mix - grow a random mix of 27 types of flowers and plants including: Baby Blue Eyes, Shasta Daisy, Forget Me Not, Purple Cone Flower, Sweet William Pinks and more.
    • Cut Flower Mixture - grow a random mix of: Baby's Breath, Purple Cornflower, Zinnia Pumila Mix, Cosmos Sensation Mix, Spider Plant, French Marigold, Dwarf Spurred Snapdragon, Corn Poppy, and Black Eyed Susan
  • Dimensions: each bomb is approx. a 1" diameter (lumpy) sphere.

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