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Kyocera Ceramic Tipped Ballpoint Pen

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Space age materials and advanced fluid dynamics

  • Ceramic-tipped ballpoint pens and refills
  • Advanced materials creates the smoothest writing experience available
  • Will become your favorite pen that you never lend out!

As nice as our tablets and stylii are, we still have to deal with basic pen and paper. It's delightfully analog! The crispness of the page, the vastness of the blank paper, full of potential! You can fill it with doodles, notes, sketches, flights of fancy in prolific prose, or you can play tic-tac-toe. We won't judge.

You reach for a pen - that plastic thing on your desk with the toothmarks will do the trick. You start to scratch out a line, and a short streak of blue appears and stops with a screech. The ball on the pen is locked. It won't roll against the page, so you begin the ritual; you smack the ball against the page, leaving little dents in the paper, you shake it, you wet the tip against your tongue (ok, ew) - we've even seen people try to loosen up the tip by running it through a lighter flame! That might work in a pinch, but the ink that comes out will be gloppy and wet. Decidedly sub-optimal.

What's happened is the pen's tip got corroded. Steel or tungsten tips rust, flake and clog when in the presence of wet ink. What? Yeah. What the geniuses at Kyocera realized was their advanced ceramics didn't react with wet ink, so they'll never corrode. They'll roll on and on as long as you've got ink. What's more, their ceramic ballpoints are slightly porous, so they could replace the sticky thick ink with a thinner ink that flows more evenly and smoothly.

When we first started using these pens, we were amazed with how silky smooth the pen was to use. It was a revelation! We had gotten so used to crappy pens that leave smeary messes on the paper, that when we tried a high-quality writing implement, we wondered what took us so long. We're now completely spoiled by these pens, we will never go back!


  • Metal ballpoint pens with ceramic tips
  • Made by Kyocera's Advanced Ceramics division
  • Smoothest pen you'll ever use
  • Tip won't clog, skip, or get stuck
  • Refills available!

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