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Amoeba Dual Purpose Digital Microscope

This product is no longer available

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Science at home

  • Dual purpose microscope for home science projects
  • Detach tube for handheld viewing of large objects
  • Power: 10x, 60x, 200x

Includes Prepared Slides

As wee geeks, we loved our science classes. Science was always fun and hands-on and related to the things we interacted with in our daily lives. Getting to play with the microscopes fell in the category of Best. Day. Ever. Using a microscope was like looking into a different world. We saw things that we didn't even knew existed - like amoebas!

But we couldn't take the microscope home. And we had to share it with our lab partner, a kid with a purple spot on his left nostril, a clear sign of his grape-scented marker huffing habit. If only we had a microscope at home: we could have been studying science every night and every weekend.

This dual purpose microscope is perfect for the home scientist. It features high powered specimen slide viewing and lower power to get a closer look at stamps, coins, and other small objects. You can even detach Amoeba’s tube for convenient handheld digital viewing of large objects. Need to snap a picture or video of your findings? With its built in 1.3 MP digital camera, Amoeba can easily capture photos or video and upload to your computer to save, send and share with anyone.

Product Specifications

  • Dual purpose microscope for home science projects
    • High powered specimen slide viewing
    • Low power for viewing stamps, currency, and more
  • Detach Amoeba's tube for handheld viewing of large objects
  • Built-in 1.3 MP digital camera, upload photos or video to your computer
  • Power: 10x, 60x, 200x
  • Top and bottom LED illumination
  • 82 mm (3.2") diameter plain stage
  • Coarse focus with dual knobs
  • USB 2.0 cable
  • ULead photo software for Windows OS
  • Plug & Play with Windows and most Macs
  • Includes 8 prepared slides, 4 blank slides, tweezers, needle probe, eyedropper

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