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Duck Tea Infuser

This product is no longer available

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You're the one!

  • Infuser for making a cup of looseleaf tea
  • 3 parts: duck, mesh basket, drip cut
  • He'll make tea time lots of fun

The life of a duck is a simple one. Wake up. Go for a swim. Eat some tiny fishes. Waddle up on shore to beg people for bread. Go for a swim. Eat some tiny fishes. Turn the water a bit more brown with your digested fishes. Swim some more.

Finally, you can turn water brown with your very own Duck Tea Infuser. Simply put some digested fishes looseleaf tea into the stainless steel mesh basket, attach it to the ducky, and set the ducky afloat in a sea of hot water for several minutes. Slowly but surely, the ducky will do his duty and turn the water a delicious shade of brown... or possibly green. When you're done steeping, rest the ducky in the drip cup, which emulates the duck's natural habitat.

Product Specifications

  • Looseleaf tea infuser in the shape of a ducky
  • Includes: Duck, stainless steel mesh basket, drip cup
  • Love your ducky: hand wash only, do not microwave
  • Dimensions: 2" x 3.25" when fully assembled

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