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Pinza Solid Steel Cord Minder

This product is no longer available

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Tame unruly cords

  • Solid stainless steel desktop cord minder
  • Pointed-egg shape makes it roll back to hold cables on your desk
  • Easily manages 3 to 4 cords at a time

You like a tidy desk, so you try your best to keep things organized. This is to be commended. Too few take the time to make sure their surroundings are orderly. It improves your efficiency, helps you keep a clear head, and will make you more attractive to the opposite sex... ok, we're not 100% sure on the last part, but it sure sounded good when we wrote it. Moving on.

Those USB cables that power your devices have an annoying habit of falling behind your desk. Trying to fish them back up and making them stay put is a task in futility. You want them tidy, but those cable minders are, let's face it, ugly pieces of plastic that don't really work that well. It's time somebody put the power of science and math to the problem, and engineered a better solution.

Enter Pinza! This heavy little stainless-steel cable minder is designed to hold your cords in place intelligently. The shape of the Pinza cord minder makes it naturally roll backwards. Any cable inserted into the slot is pressed into the table-top, keeping them from slipping back into the no-man's land of dust-bunnies and detritus on the floor. The rubber rollers act as gate-keepers to prevent the cables from slipping out the side.

Anecdotal testing has yet to show a single instance of a USB cable, iPhone cable, HDMI cable, or Ethernet cable from worming its way out of the Pinza even once. This means you never have to make a trip under your desk again, and thank goodness for that! Who knows what sort of creature lurks there in the dusty darkness! Perhaps a Grue.


  • Thoughtful and simple cord minder milled from stainless steel
  • Pointed-egg shape and rubber grommets hold the cables where you need them
  • Rotates forward to let cables out, rolls back to pinch them in place
  • 2 5/16" long by 1" in diameter, cable slot 5/16" wide
  • Includes extra rubber grommets just in case
  • Easily manages 3 or 4 cables at a time

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