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Multi-Color LED Lighting Kit

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Lazy home decorators, rejoice!

  • Add light and color to any area of your living space
  • Eco-friendly & energy-saving: LEDs last nearly forever!
  • Easy installation can be completed in minutes

Easy Illumination

When you get a new place, it's pretty exciting. Maybe it's your dorm room, the first time you've lived away from your parents. Or your first apartment, paying rent that's too damn high. Or your first house (or second, or third, or fourth...). Your head is swimming with ideas on how to make it your own... once the router is set up and you have WiFi and cable TV, of course. Priorities, we have them.

Fun and funky lighting is one of those things often on our wish list, but rarely achieved. We look at the home improvement shows, we browse through the big box stores, but we don't like busting out the power drill. We really don't like futzing with electricity.

Let there be light without hard work! Let the lazy rejoice! This Multi-Color LED Lighting Kit makes it so easy to dress up any area of your home, office, or vehicle with functional and fun lighting. Illuminate your shelves to display your prized collectibles. Shine some lights under your kitchen cabinets. Turn your bedroom into a dance party zone. An easy-to-use 24 button remote lets you quickly change color schemes, dim or brighten, or switch between four preset dazzling lighting displays to create the perfect atmosphere. Did we mention you can install it in just minutes without any tools? Yep, stop reading and start figuring out where you're going to install these babies.

Product Specifications

  • Add light and color to any area of your living space or vehicle
  • Illuminate and accent cabinets, home theaters, toe-kicks, pantries, closets, book and garage shelves and much more
  • 15 colors (plus white) to choose from, so it will match your decor
  • Eco-friendly and energy-saving:
    • At peak illumination, 2 feet of lights use a max of 10 watts
    • LED lifespan is over 50,000 hours
    • RoHS compliant: Does not contain Mercury or other hazardous materials
  • Easy installation:
    • Peel the two-sided tape from back of strips
    • Apply to clean surface
    • Connect power as instructed in the manual
    • Add more strips (up to 36 feet!) if you want
  • Use the remote to:
    • Turn on/off
    • Dim or brighten
    • Change colors (15 colors, plus white)
    • Change lighting display (flash, fade, all fade, RGB flash)
  • Includes:
    • Two 1 ft Multicolor LED strips (1' x 0.394" x 0.126" each)
    • AC adapter
    • Controller
    • Manual
    • Infrared remote

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