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Battlestar Galactica Coaster Set

This product is no longer available

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Get yer frakkin Ambrosia off the War Room Table!

  • Set of four polystone resin and scratch-resistant glass coasters
  • Based on the original phoenix plaque that hung in Galactica's CIC
  • Hand assembled and hand painted artisan pieces for your dining room table

Alright, listen up, nuggets. Here's the battle-plan for this sortie. Galactica will jump here, behind the gas-giant, and launch Primus, Strike, and Vigilante squadrons. They'll slow-burn to this ring-nebula where... wait a minute. Gods dammit, Kat! That's not a ring-nebula, those are coffee stains! Coffee frakkin' stains on my War Room table! Are you serious? Have you never heard of a coaster, Lieutenant? What, were you born on a barn on Aerilon?!

If I see another mug or cup of ambrosia on my War Room situation table without one of these coasters, I'm going to bust you back so far, you'll be scrubbing carbon-scoring off of Mark II engine baffles until the last Cylon in existence comes and makes my great great granddaughter a frakkin' birthday-cake! Do I make myself clear, nuggets?

Make no mistake, condensation and stains on your table sucks worse than hard vacuum. Next time you're setting your drink down, better make sure you set it on a coaster, first. These coasters, for example, are gorgeous hand-assembled and hand-painted pieces of art! A faithful re-creation of the Colonial seal as depicted in the CIC of the Battlestar Galactica, these coasters are polystone-resin and scratch-resistant glass. More than a match for condensation or stains.


  • Set of 4 polystone-resin and scratch resistant glass coasters
  • 4.56 inches in diameter and .5 inches thick
  • 3D sculpted re-creation of the phoenix emblem Colonial Seal
  • Hand assembled and hand painted

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