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Periodic Table Playing Cards

This product is no longer available

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Always bet on Science

  • Play with chemicals without protective gear
  • Double deck of playing cards with all 118 elements
  • Makes memorizing your elements into a game

When it comes to learning about the world around you, where do you turn? Science. Everything can be explained by science; except those things we're working on explaining. That's what makes science so exciting: we can go into the lab not really understanding how something works, get hands-on with it (with protective gloves, of course!), and come out knowing something new. It's hard not to geek out about how cool that is.

If you're learning Chemistry, you're going to need to know your Periodic Table. It's up to 118 elements now, so it's even more to memorize than when your parents or grandparents took Chemistry. As geeks, we know that one of the best ways to learn is through games, so we had to bring you this double deck of playing cards. Each card features an element of the Periodic Table, color-coded and fully statted up for for your memorizing pleasure. Who says you can't play Texas Hold'Em and study for a test? Certainly not us.

Product Specifications

  • Two decks of standard playing cards with a Chemistry twist
  • Each card features 1-4 elements (most have one)
  • Features the 118 elements of the Periodic Table
  • Play normal card games with them or use them to study
  • Includes information like:
    • Name
    • Symbol
    • Atomic Number
    • Standard State (solid, liquid, gas, radioactive, artificial)
    • Series (actinoid, alkali earth metal, alkali metal, halogen, lanthanoid, metal, metalloid, noble gas, non metal, transition metal)
    • Melting point
    • Boiling point
    • Period
    • Group
    • Usages
  • Comes in a plastic storage box
  • Makes a great gift for a Chemistry student or teacher
  • Crazy Crafty Idea: Decoupage a table for your favorite chemist/gamer. These are certainly colorful enough to do the trick.

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