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Chocolate Scented iPhone Case

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

It smells . . . good!

  • Protects your iPhone 4/4S, all the while smelling like sweet, sweet chocolate!
  • So cute . . . so chocolate.
  • Chocolate . . . drooooool!

Chocolate Scented!

Chocolate is a great present, but sadly it normally gets all melty and eaten. But how can you prolong the joy of chocolate without the temptation to eat it? Easy! Don't eat it - smell it! See. All ya gotta do is pack the scent into a super cute iPhone case, and then you can smell chocolate whenever you want. For some strange reason, we call this our Chocolate Scented iPhone Case.

But the Chocolate Scented iPhone Case just doesn't smell like chocolate, it actually looks like chocolate. Ok, so it looks like chocolate if it passed through the head of a cartoonist, but that's ok. The chocolate bar on the back of the Chocolate Scented iPhone Case looks super happy to see us, each and every time we sniff it. And that really is a lot. Enough words - Chocolate Scented iPhone Case sniffing time!

Chocolate Scented iPhone Case

  • Looks like a cutie chocolate bar on one side, and smells like chocolate all over.
  • Rubbery case protects your iPhone 4/4S and smells like chocolate.
  • Smells like chocolate.
  • Doesn't taste like chocolate, though.
  • Dimensions: iPhone 4/4S case-sized.

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