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Happitaps iPhone Interactive Bear

This product is no longer available

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A beary cute companion

  • Interactive teddy bear of the future
  • Slide in your iPhone or iPod Touch
  • Chats, sings, tells jokes, plays games, reads stories, teaches ABCs, and more

Those of us who were wee geeks of the 80s remember having a certain interactive stuffed animal. We'd open a hatch in our friend, pop in a cassette tape, and our buddy's mouth would flap like a poorly dubbed kung fu movie while reading us a story. And by "flap," we mean "make horrible gear grinding noises." But we didn't care. It was magical.

For today's wee geekling, we have the HappiTaps Teddy Bear, which integrates with Mom or Dad's iPhone or iPod Touch to make a truly magical, entertaining, and educational experience. Here are the things your HappiTaps Teddy can do:

  • Toddler Mode: Cycles through activities automatically for the smallest geeklings who can't handle the app menu.
  • Expressions: Teddy will chat, share fun facts, teach counting, tell jokes, wink, laugh, whistle, and more.
  • Sing Along: Sing classic children's songs with your bear.
  • Peek-A-Boo: Where are you?
  • Sleeping: Like a wee geek, Teddy gets tired sometimes. If he's flat on his back for a bit, he'll fall asleep and snore adorably. Give him a lil' shake to wake him up.
  • Feeding Time: A bear's gotta eat. Help your Teddy eat various foods and find out his favorites.
  • Story Time: Teddy loves reading stories with extra "bear flair."
  • Rattle & Fun: Shake, rattle, and roll with this fun feature for noisy geeklings.
  • ABC Pop: Interactive bubble game is fun and educational.
  • Nighty Night: Bedtime story, lullaby, and sheep to count help wee geeks fall asleep.

If you'd like to preview all the things that HappiTaps Teddy can do, download the free app from the App Store. The majority of his features come with the app and additional features, stories, games, and songs can be purchased. To use your Teddy, simply open the flap in his head and slide in your iPhone or iPod. The stuffed bear protects your device while your geekling runs around with their new bestest friend, laughing, learning, singing, and having a beary good time.

Product Specifications

  • For Ages 18 months and up
  • The interactive teddy bear of the future
  • Slide your iPhone or iPod Touch into the bear's head
  • Launch the app and the bear's face will appear
  • Chats, sings, tells jokes, plays games, reads stories, teaches ABCs, and more
  • The main app is free (and does a ton!), additional content for in-app purchase

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