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The Horse Head Mask

This product is no longer available

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Making sense of an Internet Meme

  • Does anonymity have to mean boring? Nayyyy!
  • Embrace your equine alter ego
  • Latex mask, fits most adult heads

Internet memes are fickle creatures. Often, they are borne of random contrasts made ridiculous by context. Disparate happenstance thrust together by serendipity and shared by social-media occasionally result in a critical mass of popularity. Most times, the meme burns out, forgotten in as little as a day, but sometimes they endure. This is one of those stories. This is the story of the Horse Boy of Aberdeen.

It started, as most bizarre things do, in Japan. The anime series Full Metal Panic featured a pervert preying on young schoolgirls with a hairbrush and the head of a horse. Yeah. Shortly thereafter, latex horse-head masks were worn by young teens entertaining themselves in school.

Before not too long, the horse-head mask made it's way to the British Isles where, in Scotland, eagle-eyed Googlers spotted a man in Aberdeen hanging out on a verdant suburban street. The images produced a firestorm of speculation. Was Aberdeen secreting a half-man-half-horse hybrid? Had Google happened across a new Loch Ness Monster? A new Sasquatch? A new Equine Chupacabra?

The fires of speculation were stoked when this image was unearthed. The random nature of a horse-human hybrid on a fishing vessel holding an obviously confused kitty made the image imminently shareable, and the meme grew wings.

Now you can have your own high-quality latex horse-head mask. Keep it in your car for when that Street-View van rolls by. Bring it to your next board-meeting and impress the executives. Take it with you on your next evening out with the boys. You never know when some random event can be made awesome by the inclusion of a horse-head mask!

Product Specifications

  • Possibly the most disturbing mask you can wear
  • Embrace your equine alter ego
  • Realistic horse head made of latex and faux fur
  • Size: Fits most adult heads
  • Allergy warning: If you are allergic to latex, don't wear this.

Photo © 2005 Corey Arnold.

The Horse Head Mask Video:

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