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Malcolm Reynolds Metal-plated Pistol Prop Replica

This product is no longer available

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Take me, sir.

  • 1:1 scale replica, screen-accurate
  • Body cast in polystone and plated in metal
  • Includes a black display base with clear acrylic risers

If you're reading this here product description, we reckon you must be a Browncoat. Or perhaps one of those slimy Alliance-types trying to glean some information on the whereabouts of one Captain Malcolm Reynolds and his crew. If you're the latter, best be on your way. Nothin' to see here. But if you're a Browncoat, pull up a chair and let us tell you about this here Moses Brothers Self-Defense Engine Frontier Model B.

Ain't the shiniest of weapons, nor the biggest, but in a pinch, she'll fly from your holster and shoot true. We reckon that a trusty weapon is a might more valuable than a big one. This particular weapon, well, she's a replica. She won't shoot no bullets, but she'll make a mighty fine prop for cosplaying the Captain and she'll look shiny on her display base, almost like she's floating in mid-air, like Serenity.

Product Specifications

  • 1:1 scale replica of Captain Malcolm Reynolds' sidearm
  • Screen-accurate, based on the prop from Firefly & Serenity
  • Uses the mold of the original stunt pistol carried by Nathan Fillion
  • Hand-painted simulated wood grips
  • Body cast in polystone and plated in metal
  • Painted and weathered to an antique brass color
  • Includes a black display base with clear acrylic risers
  • Note: Does not fire bullets. This is for make-believe only!
  • Dimensions: 14" from the tip of the barrel to the back
  • Weight: Just over a pound

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