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Precision Gyroscope

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Science is always magical

  • Do gravity-defying stunts with Science power!
  • Has tiny ball bearings and near perfect balance
  • Pull strap for quick and easy startup

Starter Cable Included

We have many a fond childhood memory of field trips to the science museum. It was there that we got to put our hands all over Science. We saw eggs hatch into baby chickens, we used a lever to lift a Very Heavy Thing, we pushed a button and made a whirlpool, we stared up at the stars in the planetarium, and if our parents shelled out the extra cash, we got to see an IMAX movie about whales.

The only down side was that we had limited funds for gift shop purchases. Nothing sucked more than wanting to BUY ALL THE THINGS but only having cash on hand for one of the things. If your childhood lacked a gyroscope, it's time to make up for that oversight. The Precision Gyroscope features tiny ball bearings and near perfect balance, allowing it to spin for several minutes. Perform gravity-defying stunts and tricks with the power of Science!

You may be wondering, "ThinkGeek, what makes this gyroscope better than that other one you have?" Well, Esteemed Chucklehead, it's simple. The Precision Gyroscope is made from superior materials and crafted to more exacting standards. While you can start it with a string like a classic model, it also comes with an easy starter strap that takes just seconds to use. Go on, think of us as the museum gift shop and get yourself that slice of childhood you missed.

Product Specifications

  • Recommended ages: 8 - adult
  • Perform gravity-defying ticks with the power of Science
  • Sturdy metal and plastic construction
  • Two options for starting:
    • Classic pull-string: Thread the cord through the hole in the axle. Wind the cord around the axle while turning it with your thumb and index finger. With a firm grip, pull the cord away from the gyroscope in a motion parallel to the floor.
    • Quick and easy starter strap: Hold the frame and push the starter strap through the frame and wheel. Making sure the strap aligns with the gear of the axle, pull the strap away from the gyroscope.
  • Plastic frame comes in assorted colors (our warehouse robot monkeys will choose one at random)

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