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Doctor Who Bathrobes

This product is no longer available

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Because even a Time Lord needs a break

  • Super-soft 100% cotton terry cloth robe with sash
  • 46 inches from shoulder to hem, up to 50 inch waist
  • Officially licensed by the BBC!

Spacetime is so mind boggingly huge, trying to witness the totality of it in one glance would drive a man insane. Looking into the untempered schism of existence can leave a man with a profound sense of scale, drive him gibberingly mad, or, occasionally, reassure you that you're the hoopiest frood in the history of the Universe. It takes a remarkable man to come away from the experience unscathed.

One of those men is known by some as The Doctor.

That sort of total awareness comes at a price; a great sense of responsibility for creation! The Doctor's life is spent gallivanting across Spacetime from one corner to the other, serving witness, righting wrongs, and preventing the unmaking of all reality! It's an exhausting existence, and after more than nine-hundred years of it, the Doctor needs a vacation.

Time for a quick dip in the pool, steam bath, and curling up with a good book. We all know that bowties are cool, but they're not exactly comfortable. The Doctor needs something soft as an Adipose, warmer than a Felinetta, and more relaxing than stasis in a Pandora box. Not that sitting in a Pandora's box is comfortable, per se... moving on.

We found these robes and the monkeys at ThinkGeek immediately started to fight over them. They are so deliciously comfortable, it felt like getting hugged by the TARDIS! Not that getting hugged by a large wooden box that's actually a chameleon-circuited projection of an extra-dimensional starship is exactly comfortable... moving on.


  • Soft terry-cloth bathrobe
  • Officially licensed Doctor Who designs from the BBC!
  • 100% cotton
  • One size fits most - approximately 46" length, 52"chest, up to 50" waist, and 24" sleeve length

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