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Portal 2 Companion Cube Plush Keychain

This product is no longer available

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A little fuzzy friend of hexahedral form

  • Keys are hard & cold; WCC is plush & heartwarming
  • You need him. He needs you. What’s the problem?
  • The key to your heart is more of a keychain

A new day has dawned. In your left hand, a hexahedral companion. In your right, the all-too-familiar tangle of cold, metallic keys. Resisting the urge to squee in public about the cube's sheer 'dorableness, you clear your throat and attempt to give the moment the gravitas it deserves.

"No loonnger will these metallic forms clamor freely, for a new member joins their ranks. One of opposing articulation and functionality. Welcome, Weighted Companion Cube, may you hang with diligence, may you sway with resolve, and may you exist as the epitome of shackled lovability, never to fear the fiery depths of the incinerator." A single tear descends. "Welcome… *sniffle* ...my friend."

Introducing a Weighted Companion Cube that you can hold in one hand. No more lugging! A friend among friends, his plush corners and stitched hearts will warm your heart and squish into your coat pockets. Why would anyone need a keychain this big? "It won’t fit in my pocket," you say?! How dare you! HOW. DARE. YOU. Companion Cube has a heart you know, Six hearts, in fact. And he wants nothing more than for you to protect him in his squishy form just as he protected you in yours. Be his companion. He never asks for anything more than love and a bite of your cake.

Loves you all the time!

Product Specifications

  • Portal 2 Weighted Companion Cube Plush Keychain
  • A great gift for someone in need of unconditional love
  • Officially licensed Portal 2 collectible
  • Plush cube with embroidered details, stuffed with love and rainbows
  • What does it do? It holds your keys. And loves you.
  • It should not speak. If it does, disregard its advice.
  • Dimensions: 3" x 3" x 3"

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