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Marvel Comics Bathrobes

This product is no longer available

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Just your friendly neighborhood Spider, man

  • Super-soft 100% cotton terry cloth robe with sash
  • 46 inches from shoulder to hem, up to 50 inch waist
  • Spider-Man and Venom designs licensed by Marvel Comics

Sandman got encased in molten steel, the Rhino got a face-full of webbing and splooshed into quick-dry cement, Electro had the entire Daily Bugle dropped on him, Chameleon and Mysterio - uninterestingly - got punched a lot, and yet somehow Doc Ock remains at large.

It's a full day for the wall-crawler, the web-head, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, and he's tired. He needs to put his feet up, get pampered with a mani-pedi, seaweed wrap, cucumber facial, and a deep tissue massage, preferably from somebody blonde. Perhaps Scandinavian.

His costume, his good-old red-and-blue pajamas, are shredded, and until either Tony Stark, Horizon Labs, or the Future Foundation whip him up some new Spider-Armor, he's gonna need some down-time loungewear. Stretched spandex, no matter how form-fitting, just isn't as comfortable as a fuzzy soft terry-cloth bathrobe. So when Sue Storm surprised Peter with his new "costume," he squeed like a little girl.

Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, Flash Thompson nurses a drink after a particularly nasty fight with Captain America. His symbiote, Venom, recognizing his need for relaxation, takes the form of a comfortable black terry-cloth robe, giving Flash the desperately needed chill-out before bad things happen.

Both robes are available to the non-super-powered set. Neither, however, will allow you to cling to walls, lift small cars, have precognition of danger, or drive you insane. That's probably just as well, though, because with great power comes great responsibility. Conversely, with great slack comes great relaxation.


  • Soft terry-cloth bathrobes
  • Two styles: red and blue classic Spider-man style, and black Venom style
  • Officially licensed Spider-Man and Venom designs
  • 100% cotton
  • Dimensions:
    • 46 inches from shoulder to hem
    • Fits up to a 50 inch waist

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