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Art of the Mass Effect Universe

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Get lost in this terrific tome

  • Behind the scenes artwork for fans of Mass Effect
  • Three sections: one for each ME game
  • Character studies, sketches, weapons, and more

People are serious about Mass Effect. In fact, one of us has a friend who timed her pregnancy so she'd be able to finish ME3 before giving birth. Hardcore gamer grrl! We have a funny feeling that kid is going to be playing FemShep before she enters kindergarten. There's so much to love about Mass Effect's universe and all of the locations, characters, vehicles, weapons, and items in it.

The Art of the Mass Effect Universe is a hardcover book filled with colorful, glossy artwork. It is divided into three sections for the three Mass Effect games. In the first section, you'll see the concept art for ME1, including new content not published in other strategy guides or art books. The section section focuses on ME2 where you'll get to see the plethora of guns & weaponry, the development of Normandy 2, and a character study for each major character (including Kasumi, Shadow Broker, and Zaeed). The final section delves into all the characters and locations of ME3 and earns this book an honored place on our coffee table, right next to our controllers and remotes.

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