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Zombies vs. Zombie Hunters "Army Men" Figures

This product is no longer available

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Aim the magnifying glass at their heads!

  • Lime green and navy blue toys
  • Retro-style play with a modern theme
  • Fun for kids and adults!

The sweltering heat of the driveway asphalt is almost too much for Lt. Brass Knuckles and his platoon of fearless men. With news from Private Tex Hutchinson that the dog water bowl is only a few tosses ahead, a wave of relief washes over them. They might just make it home. "Sir!" Machine Gunner Grant Gunner calls out, "Sir, five green things are approaching from our seven!" Just as the men wheel about, four blue figures descend from the table onto the mass of lime-colored foes. "Tex, whatta we got out there," Lt. BK calls out. "It looks like... no, it can’t be. Sir, it looks like a man with a rifle, another with a shotgun, a grisly guy with an axe, and some woman with a dagger." "What in giant toddler’s name is going on here," Knuckles spits. "Sir, there’s another with a bow on top of the table and he’s picking off the green monsters one by one!"

It was situationally appropriate to have children playing with little plastic army men a few decades ago, what with the political strife and its correlation to the home life. But, as time has passed, the iconic toy army man has become a retro toy. But it’s still a great one, great enough to be emulated. With that being said, we introduce the Zombies vs Zombie Hunters! Just like the classic army man, ZvZH is a set of retro-style grab bag of different zombie and zombie hunter figurines! With a variety of monsters and monster hunters, the fun never stops! Get the magnifying glass ready, the barbeque started and let the monster hunt begin.

Product Specifications:

  • Comes in a retro-style grab bag!
  • 35 pieces included
  • 5 different types of Zombie and Zombie Hunters
  • Lime green and navy blue avoids the iconic forest green of the army man allowing for awesome campaigns and reintroduction of the plastic soldiers!
  • Fun for kids, obviously, and adults for their nostalgic parody!

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