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Star Trek TOS Bath/Beach Towel

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Starfleet-issue towels for your next shore leave

  • Beach-towels for your next shore-leave to the ocean
  • 100% cotton, 60 in. by 29 in.
  • Guaranteed to protect you from Denobulan sand-fleas and Ceti-eels!

After a six month survey mission where your only duty was to monitor the subspace-drift of dark-matter nebulae, you're overdue for shore leave. Thankfully, the good Captain has set course for the Epsilon Ceti system in the Beta Quadrant. The pleasure-planet Risa with its crystalline beaches, majestic waterfalls, and liberal attitudes towards Jamaharon, is the destination of choice for Starfleet crew needing a respite from their duties, with no questions asked.

Visitors to Risa can bronze themselves by the twin suns on the shore of Suraya Bay, relax in its many steam-pools, or go spelunking into the lava-tubes filled with luminescent moss and view the subterranean gardens! Starfleet officers and crewmen should be aware, however, that as idyllic as Risa is, it's not without its dangers. There has been an outbreak of Belzoidian fleas found in many Risian beaches.

Starfleet therefore recommends using a standard-issue beach-towel when relaxing in the sand. The 100% Earth-cotton towel emblazoned with your division insignia and colors will help identify you as a starship crewman as well as keep the biting flees off of your body - not to mention protecting your skin from minor burns from the suns-baked sand.

Starfleet also recommends against the purchase and display of the horga'hn - a fertility icon indicating an openness to sexual congress. Remember - you are representing Starfleet, even when off-duty, and a certain decorum must be maintained.

One for each division

Features and Specifications

  • 100% cotton beach-towel for your next shore-leave excursion
  • Each towel emblazoned with the color and insignia of your preferred division
    • Gold Command
    • Blue Sciences
    • Red Security/Engineering
  • 152 cm by 74 cm (60 inches by 29 inches, roughly)
  • Officially licensed Star Trek product

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