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Ninja Sticky Notes

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Leave sneaky & deadly notes

  • Black as your soul (or blackest night)
  • Sticky as a throwing star to the heart
  • Four different designs included

Ever wanted to leave secret notes all over your office? A little throwing star by the kitchen sink that says, "Wash your own dishes!" Another one by the trash can that says, "Recycle that Coke can or I will kill you!" A note on someone's phone that says, "Srsly, we can hear you. Take the personal calls outside, will ya?" A little ninja by the bathroom sink to remind people that germs are deadly.

Now you can be the sticky note ninja of your office with this set of Ninja Sticky Notes. They're black just like your soul after years of corporate life. You can write on them with gel pens, silver Sharpies, and crayons. Then fold them however you like before sticking them where your victims will see your message.

Product Specifications

  • Sticky notes as black as your soul (or blackest night)
  • Write on them with gel pens, silver Sharpies, other colorful instruments
  • Fold the legs the right way and you can stand your message up!
  • Messages can be hidden if you fold in the ninja's arms or the points of the throwing stars
  • Each package includes four shapes with six sheets each

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