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Joe's Sticky Stuff

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Tackle your stickiest problems

  • Aggressive, pressure-sensitive adhesive tape
  • Holds firm, removes easily, leaves no residue
  • Read below to see all the ways you'll use it


Easy To Apply

Joe's Sticky Stuff is in a ton of movies. What, you've never noticed it? That's because it's invisible! You see, when Hollywood borrows a location to shoot a movie, they need to be able to hang things up for filming and remove them cleanly when they're done. Adhesives like blue tack, foam tape, and butyl can hang things just fine, but they fail the test when it comes to clean removal.

Do you do any of the following? If so, you need a tin of Joe's Sticky Stuff:

  • Lament the fact that your posters constantly fall off your cubicle walls?
  • Hang signs in hotels or convention centers for purposes of business or geeking out?
  • Display your kids' artwork all over the house, but don't want Swiss cheese walls?
  • Live in an earthquake zone and want to keep fragile collectibles from falling off your shelves?
  • Want your action figures to stand firm, even if you slam your desk with your fists every time you ragequit WoW?
  • Have kids that want to redecorate their rooms every time they change their mind about their favorite pony?
  • Need to keep your crazy dog from going on magic carpet rides every time he tears around the house chasing the cat?
  • Do any home renovation that involves holding something level with one hand and reaching for the power tool with the other?
  • Decorate your house for every holiday, including Merlinpeen?

Joe's Sticky Stuff will be a lifesaver in all these situations and more. To use Joe's Sticky Stuff, simply tear off the desired length, firmly press the sticky side to the surface of your item and then peel off the backing paper. Press the item to the wall, table, floor, or robot. After a few seconds, it'll be stuck firmly for as long as you need it. If you leave a little tape sticking beyond the edge of your object, it'll give you a "handle" to pull on when it comes time to remove it. Simply pull Joe's Sticky Stuff slowly in the direction it was applied. It'll shrink off the surface and leave it without any residue or stains.

Product Specifications

  • An aggressive, pressure-sensitive adhesive tape
  • Invented for the film industry to hang and hold props in rented filming locations
  • Better than blue tack, double sided foam tape, and butyl
  • Holds firm, removes easily, leaves no residue, damage, or stains
  • Ideas for using Joe's:
    • For office: hang things in your cubicle, keep people from stealing your stapler
    • For home: secure throw rugs, decorate kids' rooms, hang holiday decor
    • For travel: hang temporary signage at conventions
    • For DIY: level things before you create holes, keep screws from rolling away
    • For collectors: adhere action figure feet to shelves, keep The Precious(es) from falling if there's an earthquake
  • Tape Dimensions: 1mm thick x 1/2" wide x 20 feet long
  • Comes in a tin and makes a great gift for just about everyone!

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