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Geek Motif Ladies Knee Socks

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

These socks were made for geeking

  • Cotton blend knee socks for geek girls
  • Fit women's shoe sizes 5-10
  • Choose from a variety of designs

One of the more delightful things about being a girl is that we can wear crazy socks and nobody will question it. A stroll down the men's sock aisle reveals the same ol' boring socks in white athletic variety and the srs bsns black, navy, brown, khaki. Maybe with some stripes or argyle if they're feeling crazy. Not us, geek girls! We get socks in every color of the rainbow and if we want to wear dinosaur socks because the dinosaur green matches our favorite green sweater, we can totally do it.

These knee socks rocked our current socks clear off our feet. Which is good, because then we had bare feet to put these Geek Motif socks on! Made of a soft and comfy cotton/poly blend, these socks have a wee bit of spandex so they hug your feet like tiny feet huggers. NASA geeks will love the Space style, in bright blue and gold with a tiny solar system and oversized stars. But if you hate space because of what a meteorite did to the dinosaurs, perhaps the Dinomite socks are more your style. Also, they say "Raa!" on them, which is how we feel before we've had our coffee.

Product Specifications

  • Knee socks that proclaim your geekiness
  • Made from a blend of 75% cotton, 20% polyester, 5% spandex
  • Size: Fits women's shoe sizes 5-10
  • Men who want to wear these, you'll have to be a shoe size 8 or smaller.
  • Styles available:
    • Tri-Fecta of Awesome: Candy pink & gray covered in unicorns, cupcakes, and robots!
    • Manatee: Pale green & pink covered in lovable manatees and hearts.
    • Jellyfish: Aqua & turquoise with a squiggly jellyfish, and no stinging!
    • Unicorns: Two shades of purple covered in regal unicorns.
    • Made Science: Gray & yellow with a print of microscopes, goggles, and lab related goodies.
    • Cat Stripe: Gray stripes & pink with fancy pink kitties.
    • Sloth: Purple & magenta covered in chillin' sloths! Sloths, on socks! Slocks!
    • Cupcake: White & tan covered in a print of tiny cupcakes. Not edible.
    • Space: NASAesque blue & gold with our tiny solar system
    • Dinomite: gray & pink with punk rock dinosaurs that say, "Raa!"
    • Constellations: Navy with white constellations
    • Phoenix: Bright and fiery like a phoenix should be!
  • Love your socks, machine wash cold, line dry for longest life

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