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Ora Metal Mathematic Sculptures

This product is no longer available

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Cool designs for twisted minds

  • 3d printed metal spheroids based on the Platonic solids
  • 1 5/8 inches in diameter, made from steel and bronze
  • Highly convoluted, twisted, and beautiful shapes!

Most mathematicians and role-playing gamers recognize the platonic solids - 3 dimensional convex geometric shapes made from simple regularly sided 2D shapes - tetrahedral pyramids, hexahedral cubes, diamond octahedrons, and so on. Pretty standard fare, but what if you were to take those easily recognizable solids, and twisted them?

What you would end up with are these. The Ora Metal Mathematic Sculptures were conceived of by the brilliant artist Bathsheba Grossman. The manufacturing process is similar to other rapid-prototyping style 3D printers - a dusty metal powder is laid down in layers by a sort-of inkjet printer head, heated just enough to adhere to other granules of powder, but not so much as to become molten. CAD designs are used to direct the print head to lay down the powder into the correct shape. The resulting piece is almost a lattice of fused metal bits no bigger than 0.007 inches in diameter, and the sculpture is almost half air!

The shape is then dipped in molten bronze, heated and polished resulting in these gorgeous shapes.

And, what about the shapes? The Ora is a twisted double tetrahedron (think two pyramids warped around each other). The Metatrino is a shape with cubic and octahedral symmetry (rotational but not reflective). Finally, the wonderfully dense Quintron - the dodecahedron of the Ora family. Each shape is about the size of a golfball, and weighs about 40 grams.

So if you're a mathematician, or know one that needs a cool gift, the Ora Metal Mathematic sculptures are guaranteed to act as locus for attention!


  • 3D-printed twisted mathematical shapes
  • Made from steel and bronze
  • 1 5/8" in diameter
  • Patterned off of the Platonic solids
  • A great gift for the math genius

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