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Periodic Table of Imaginary Elements Poster

This product is no longer available

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For the media geek

  • 122 fictional elements (no real ones!)
  • Unobtanium, Wonderflonium, Kryptonite
  • For those of us who prefer fake science

We can't all be science geeks. While there are those of us who can fill in a blank Periodic Table of Elements without an error, there are also those of us who failed that test because we thought Gold should be "Go" and Mercury "Me." But we can wax on for hours and hours about the elements in the DC and Marvel universes, or the science behind space travel on Star Trek, or how Dr. Horrible's Freeze Ray works.

This poster is for you, media geeks. It's a beautiful poster by Russell Walks that shows 122 totally fictional elements, organized by media (cinema, TV, literature, gaming), origin, and energy potential. Of course, staring at this poster has made us want to create a universe in which all these elements are the standard. What do you think? Good idea?

Product Specifications

  • 122 fictional elements, organized by media and genre
  • Everything from Unobtanium to Wonderflonium to Latinum
  • Some of us know more of these than the real periodic table of elements
  • Poster print by Russell Walks
  • Dimensions: 19" x 17"

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