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High Precision Gaming Dice Set

This product is no longer available

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A crit with these just feels better

  • The most accurate dice on the market
  • Set of 12 dice, including d3, d14, d16
  • Crafted of premium grade materials

No, you're not being superstitious when you stand at the counter at your Friendly Local Gaming Store test-rolling all the d20s. There ARE in fact "unlucky" dice that always roll poorly. When you have a spare 20 minutes, check out the video on YouTube of Lou Zocchi of GameScience explaining why these High Precision Gaming Dice are the most accurate ones you'll find anywhere. It's fascinating stuff and you'll never see dice the same way again.

Don't have 20 minutes? Here's the TL;DR version: Standard dice start out pointy polyhedrons but are put through a rock tumbler three times during the production process. It's impossible for a rock tumbler to smooth all sides of a polyhedral evenly. Thus, you end up with d20s that are vaguely egg-shaped and will favor certain sides. These high precision dice are crafted from high grade materials and shine like gemstones. Only casino dice are more accurate (because federal law requires them to be machined to 1/5000th of an inch accuracy). Will these dice roll the save that will keep your rogue from being dominated by the Mindflayer? Yes, but only if the probability gods are on your side.

Note: Each die will have a tiny "blemish" where it was cut from the production mold. This is done on purpose! Normally, dice manufacturers put your dice in a rock tumbler to wear down those little nubs, but that ruins the weight and balance. You can smooth down the blemish with a bit of sandpaper before enjoying your razor-sharp, super-accurate dice. Remember, dice from other manufacturers that look perfect are no longer evenly weighted.

Product Specifications

  • Set of 12 high precision gaming dice
  • Crafted of premium grade materials and shine like gemstones
  • Sharp edges mean these dice are as accurate as molded dice can be
  • Regular dice are inaccurate because they have been tumbled smooth (three times!)
  • Includes: d24, d20, d16, d14, d12, 2x d10, d8, d6, d5, d4, d3
  • For the safety of your bare feet, the d4 has truncated points
  • The d14 also shows the days of the week and the d3 shows Rock, Paper, Scissors
  • Unpainted numbers, just like the old days
  • Choose:
    • Diamond (clear)
    • Emerald Green (green)
    • Ruby (red)
    • Sapphire Blue (blue)

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