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Classic Ornithopter

This product is no longer available

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Classic aviation toy

  • Mechanical bird flies up to 25m (about 82 ft)by flapping its wings
  • Powered by rubber band, no batteries needed
  • Have fun with physics!

Hand Powered

Ornithopters are everywhere. But just in case you're thinking we're crazy, we'll list a few places you've seen these amazing flying devices. The 'thropters in Frank Herbert's Dune. The sidequests in Bioware's Jade Empire. The movies of Hayao Miyazaki. The Ornithopter card in Magic: The Gathering. The chimp-powered airplane in Madagascar 2. And our personal favorite, the half-ornithopter, half blimp that serves as the Ranger plane in Chip n'Dale Rescue Rangers. (Which probably tells you how old the monkey writing this description is...)

Ready to bring a classic toy home to the digital generation? The Classic Ornithopter is a bright yellow birdie with colorful, tear-proof wings. Simply wind up his rubber band, align his tail, then toss him in the air to watch as he flaps his wings and flies up to 25 meters (about 82 feet) away. What's better than an afternoon where you can play with a flying toy and discuss Leonardo Da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton, and the awesome science that is physics?

Product Specifications

  • WARNING: Choking hazard. Small parts. Not for children under 3
  • Recommended ages: 4+ with adult supervision
  • Mechanical bird flies up to 25m (about 82 ft)by flapping its wings
  • Classic toy for fans of birds, and or aviation
  • Powered by a rubber band (one spare rubber band included)
  • When you crank your ornithopter up, the rubber band stores up the energy that is used to power the tear-proof wings
  • Directions:
    • Pull the lever up under the right wing
    • Hold bird upside down and crank the handle 50 times
    • Lift the tail up (experiment with different tail angles)
    • Press in switch under the right wing
    • Once the wings begin to flap, lightly toss up and away. (Do not throw forward like a glider.)

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