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Party Cup for Grownups

This product is no longer available

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It's time to grow up... a little...

  • Traditional red "party cup," all grown up
  • Made out of durable ceramic, made to withstand a wild night
  • Holds 14 ounces of beer, wine, or water if that's your game.

Remember back in college when you drank heavily, frequently, passed out on the lawn of your neighbor's house with sharpie all over your face? Us neither, but our friends won't stop talking about those heady nights. The grocery store clerk knew immediately what was happening when you stood in the checkout line with several arm loads of those ubiquitous red plastic cups. A party was about to happen, and it would be raucous.

Those days are looking farther away in the rear view window of life, and that's okay. Perhaps you have a mortgage now, or kids, or both? Still, your friends may occasionally call you up and invite you for another night out. You'll go, you'll have a great time, too, but something just doesn't feel quite right anymore. It's the ever advancing spectre of age creeping up on you. That ghost of responsibility that reminds you that you've got a report due to the client in Boston the following day, and that you really shouldn't be out past 10.

We're here to tell you that's okay. Age isn't something to be afraid of - it happens to all of us, and you'll be fine. It's not time to give up your wild side! It's time to make it smarter. For example, take a look at the venerable red plastic party cup. Many a pint of beer and ping-pong ball have floated therein, but now you're environmentally conscious, and all those plastic cups in a landfill make you sad. Now you can step up your game, and use this bad boy.

It looks exactly like those cups from your wilder days, except it's made from durable and dishwasher safe ceramic. It'll hold up to a night out, and will wash up easily in your dishwasher. Resting serenely in your kitchen cabinet, it'll remind you of the time you and your buds went cow tipping, tailgated the championship game, or did keg stands at your best friend's wedding. You'll remember, and smile.


  • Red ceramic party cup
  • Looks exactly like those cups you used back in the day
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Holds 14 ounces of whatever beverage you like

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