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Anatomical Skeleton Shirt

This product is no longer available

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Put a skeleton in your closet.

We've always dug anatomy textbooks. They have all sorts of cool drawings of our inner workings. All the stuff you never get to see and wish you could but are glad you can't because if you could that'd mean something's horribly wrong (or you're a surgeon).

People do a lot of crazy things to put themselves through school. Some even sell their bodies. There are more salacious options, but we're talking about volunteering for clinical trials. Donating various bodily fluids. Did you see the documentary about the law school guy who has over 70 kids? We're still a little skeptical about documentaries on The Style Network, but, reading up on it, it looks legit. And also, the lab is down the street from us. Hi, Fairfax Cryobank! Chu guys got Nixon's head in a jar? But we digress.

In the late 70s, Leslie Arwin was a medical illustrator who put herself through med school by selling her body. And by "her body" we mean THIS body, which she painstakingly illustrated and meticulously labeled on a t-shirt as a study aid. Her fellow students clamored for their own. It was popular then; it's popular now. Plus, if you have a slipped disc or something, it's the ideal shirt to show exactly where you hurt to others. If you have a supernumerary rib or other skeletal abormalities, you'll have to draw it in on your own. White ink on a black, 100% cotton t-shirt.

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