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Just a Slice Silicone Cake Pan

This product is no longer available

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We would all benefit from portion control

  • Food grade silicone cake mold
  • Makes 8 perfectly even cake slices
  • Reassemble them like an awesome Voltron of cake!

You know what's awesome? Voltron. 5 giant fighting robots come together into something so mind-boggingly awesome, it's unstoppable. You know what else is awesome? Cake. But besides being awesome, what does Cake and Voltron have in common? As it turns out, plenty.

Voltron is undefeatable. No robeast in the universe can defeat him. Unless, of course, you split him up into his component parts. The Lions of Voltron Force, while powerful themselves, can be defeated. Divide and conquer - that's the only way to defeat Voltron. Unfortunately for the forces of evil, once the lions make Voltron, it's nigh impossible to break him apart. You have to catch the Voltron Force BEFORE they assemble into Voltron.

Cake is much the same. If you tried to sit at a table with a whole cake and a fork, you'd likely be defeated. If, however, your cake were already split up into 8 individual pieces, you could call upon your fleet of starships, er - we mean your friends - to help you take down the cake. Of course, that's where the simile breaks down. It's pretty easy to cut a cake, but wouldn't it be easier of the cake came pre-cut?

This cake pan is designed to pop out 8 perfectly formed and equally sized slices of cake. You can shove them together and frost them into one giant combined round cake. And, like Voltron, fully awesome when assembled.


  • Soft food-grade silicone cake pan
  • 8 equally portioned "slices" for simple portion control
  • Assemble one giant round cake from 8 slices
  • Try this! Bake 4 slices of yellow, and 4 slices of chocolate cake! Everybody gets their favorite!
  • 1.75 inches tall, 10 inches in diameter
  • Awesome like Voltron

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