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Moon Landing TARDIS Photobomb

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Did I mention the rhinos?

Look, NASA Astronaut James Irwin and the Apollo 15 Lunar Module. I'm really happy for you. Imma let you finish. But the TARDIS is one of the best ships to land on the lunar surface of all time. One of the best ships Of All Time.

According to Doctor Who, the Moon is a great place to launch an attack against Earth. The Daleks use it to hide their ship from the Eleventh Doctor. The Judoon use it so they can extradite suspects (ohai, Martha Jones! meet the Tenth Doctor). The Ice Warriors thought they'd invade using the T-Mat on the Moon, but the Second Doctor foiled their plans. And even we Earthlings stick a penal colony there for political prisoners that the Third Doctor gets shipped off to. But the enemy which gets the award for being the most determined to use the Moon against us has to be the Cybermen. The Second, Fourth, Sixth, and Seventh Doctors all had to address the Cybermen's obsession with the Moon. That earns them the participation ribbon for their efforts. Good going, silver dudes. But really. Don't do something bad with it. We're going to need to build a university there one day.

A classic photo of the Apollo 15 mission edited (or was it?) to include the TARDIS on a black, 100% cotton t-shirt.

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