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Battlestar Galactica Playing Cards

This product is no longer available

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Full colors! Read 'em and weep!

  • Replica of the Triad poker-style game from BSG
  • Can also be used to play Earth card games
  • 52 cards and 2 retro Cylon Centurion jokers

So say we all

In the Original Series of BSG, the poker-style card game was called Pyramid. In the Re-Imagined Series, there was a bit of an oopsie and it got swapped with Triad, which was a sport. So depending on which BSG you love the best, this is either a pack of Pyramid cards or Triad cards. Executive Producer Ronald Moore was once quoted as saying it was either a "charming difference between the old and the new" or a "stupid error." You decide! Either way, they're replicas of the cards you see the humans (and Cylons!) playing with on the show.

This deck includes 52 playing cards in four suits, including two retro Cylon Centurion head jokers. Made of heavy duty, glossy card stock, these beauties are suitable for play every night when you get off your piloting shift. You can learn to play Triad or use the cards to play any card game that uses a standard deck.

Product Specifications

  • Replica of the Triad game played in Battlestar Galactica
  • Play Triad, the Colonial analogue of poker (rules included!)
  • Or use them to play any standard card game (once you learn to read these cards)
  • 52 cards in 4 suits, plus two retro Cylon Centurion head jokers
  • Short version of the rules included and a link to a PDF of the full rules
  • Heavy stock, suitable for everyday play
  • Note for color blind geeks: Suit designations are signified by color AND by the number of lines near the edge of the face value side of the card.
  • Dimensions: 3" x 3"

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