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I Breathe Geek

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Take a breather.

Did you know your left lung and your right lung are not identical? And we don't mean because there's lab equipment in one of them. There are three lobes in the right lung and only two in the left, because the heart is taking up some of that real estate.

One of the nicest things about working at ThinkGeek World Domination HQ (which you should totally do, BTW) is that you feel like you're in your atmosphere. We have geeks of all stripes, and there's never any apologizing for not catching the past weekend's football games (although we do have our share of sports geeks). The water cooler talk is Doctor Who and the latest scientific discoveries, what everybody's reading and our favorite Greasemonkey plugin. (Also, it should be noted that we don't have a water cooler, but we do have an endless supply of caffeine.) When you forget where your body is and trip on your own feet, coworkers are quick to acknowledge, "I did that yesterday!" (although they will probably Tweet about your incident first). All in all, it's a really comfortable place to be a geek. You never feel like you have to apologize for being different, because here different is what we value.

This shirt is for those who breathe geek. It's got all sorts of different geek obsessions represented: Bohr atoms, gears, cables, DNA, brains, retro gaming, binary, lab equipment, a section of the periodic table and more. In graph-paper blue and white on a dusky blue, 100% cotton t-shirt.

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