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Mass Effect Playing Cards

This product is no longer available

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PROTIP: We can read your poker face

  • Deck of playing cards for fans of Mass Effect
  • Features character artwork from the games
  • Don't invite Geth to poker night

The poker game started with five players: Jack, Garrus, Tali, Miranda, and Shepherd. Upon realizing she folded her pocket Queens to Shep's Flat Tire, Jack flipped the table and stormed off. Garrus busted out next, followed by Tali, proving that just because you wear a mask doesn't mean you don't have tells. Of course, Shep was the chip leader, but Miranda was not far behind. It turns out that a calculated cleavage flash is an excellent way to throw your opponents off their game.

I'm Commander Shepard...

This pack of playing cards is the perfect gift for fans of the Mass Effect games. Each card features artwork from the video game and all of your favorite characters are included. We love the slick appearance of these cards; it's clear that they were designed by fans of the game that wanted the artwork to blend seamlessly with the suits and numbers of the playing card deck. Now if we can just find some people to play with...

Product Specifications

  • Pack of playing cards featuring Mass Effect characters
  • 52 cards plus 2 jokers included
  • Quality artwork takes up the majority of the card face
  • Legion would be boss at poker, but we don't invite Geth
  • Officially licensed Bioware collectible

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