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Light Up Moon Clock

This product is no longer available

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There's always time for lycanthropy

  • Light up analog clock featuring the actual moon
  • Clock face glows when the lights are turned off
  • Time for lycanthropy? Goodnight Moon?

They say the full moon's meant for lovers
But you’re gonna break my heart
'Cause when you shine
That baby of mine
Will turn into a werewolf
And rip out my throat and kill me

- Paul & Storm, Cruel, Cruel Moon

When most people gaze up at the moon, they think of things like astronauts and cheese, magic rituals and ocean tides. But there's a subsection of the population that is terrified of the moon: the significant others of werewolves. Think about Oz & Willow. David Kessler & Nurse Alex. Lupin & Tonks. Loving a werewolf is hard to do, but someone has to do it.

This clock is a horrible gift for anyone in your life who is dating a werewolf. The last thing they need is a constant reminder of the very thing that turns their sweetie into a bloodthirsty animal. But if you're not a lycanthrophile, you may like having a beautiful light-up moon clock on your wall. The face is a composite of 65 actual photographs of the moon and the clock face will glow for two hours after the lights are off, making it the perfect night light for your geekling's room, unless of course, the monsters they fear are werewolves.

Product Specifications

  • For the lycanthrope in your life, a moon clock that lights up
  • Face is a composite of 65 actual photographs of the moon
  • Round dome glass front makes it lovely & lunar
  • Clock face glows for two hours after lights are off
  • Battery: 1 AA (not included)
  • Dimensions: 13.5in x 13.5in x 1.5in
  • Weight: 2.21 lbs
  • Disclaimers: The actual moon does not give off its own light. Also, we're pretty sure werewolves do not exist.

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