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Millennium Falcon Wall Cling

This product is no longer available

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She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts.

  • Vinyl wall decal of the majestic Millennium Falcon
  • Over six feet long and four feet high
  • Easy on, low-tack adhesive, means no mess!

The Corellian Engineering Corporation has been a mainstay starship designer in the Galaxy for centuries. They are experts in manufacture of everything from the lowliest escape pod to the mightiest capital star cruisers. The CEC is a known and trusted entity throughout the history of both the Old and New Republics, and Empire to boot.

But what they're best known for is a tiny forgotten light-stock freighter - the YT-1300. You might not know the model number, but perhaps you've heard of the Millennium Falcon? That's right - that venerable old freighter may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts. Plus, even now, it's still full of surprises.

It's heavily modular design means you can convert the interior for cargo, passenger, or even modified as a fast heavy bomber for the military. The superstructure is extremely rugged, and hot rodders have been able to install hyperdrives from capital ships pushing her point-five past light speed. You'd think, though, with all that speed, it would maneuver like a wounded bantha, but did you know that the Falcon herself was able to slip past the Kessel black-hole complex in less than twelve parsecs? Astonishing!

The CEC YT-1300 may not be the sleekest starship out there, but a true connoisseur of starship design can see she's a real work of art. While you might not be able to fit one in your living room, you can still enjoy her beauty as a piece of art on your wall! Captured in durable vinyl, this wall decal is over six feet long and almost four feet high! The low-tac adhesive means it's just a one-man job to put her up, and requires no special tools or messy paste.

And if you need to reposition it, or even remove it, it comes down with no residue, or peeling paint. And while it'll never make the jump to lightspeed hanging on your wall, it'll still look like a million credits.


  • Six feet four inches long
  • Three feet five inches heigh
  • Easy to apply peel and stick vinyl
  • Adheres to any smooth surface
  • Low-tac adhesive means it's easy to reposition and remove
  • No special tools required to apply

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