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Star Wars Handbags

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

These *are* the handbags you're looking for!

  • Beautiful vinyl handbags with iconic Star Wars artwork
  • Diner glitter vinyl trimwork around the sides and handles
  • Eleven by five by eight inches with inner pouch pocket

When Princess Leia Organa smuggled the Death Star plans off of her stricken starship, what did she use to carry them? That's right - she used a large hulking astromech designated R2D2. The filthy droid was able to successfully complete its mission and deliver the plans to General Kenobi, though did so with no style or practicality whatsoever. If only the princess had a nice handbag!

The right bag, matched to her wardrobe, would have been a fantastic addition to her ensemble. Hooked on her arm, her new purse could have not only carried Death Star plans, but also a blaster, light-saber, droid-recall unit, plus all the pins and clips necessary to keep her hair in place (no small feat in a galaxy far far away).

Perhaps too late, ThinkGeek now has a consignment of Star Wars themed handbags, each design with iconic artwork and cool glittery vinyl trimwork along the sides. With 440 cubic inches of interior space, these bags have more than enough room for you to fit whatever you need, the next time you find yourself in a club, at the store, or in a scoundrel's stock-light freighter somewhere around the ruins of Alderaan.

Oh, if only Leia would have had a handbag instead of that hapless astromech... well, she probably still would have been captured, the plans retrieved, the rebels crushed, Luke Skywalker would never have discovered his Jedi heritage, and the Empire would have lasted easily another thousand years, but still -- she would have looked fabulous!


  • Vinyl Star Wars handbags
  • Artwork from A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back
  • Glittery exterior trim
  • 11 inches by 8 inches by 5 inches internal dimensions
  • Inner pouch for loose change and accessories

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